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Consumers expect brands to support causes


The 2009 PR Week / Barkley Cause Survey uncovers that while consumers have decreased spending on charitable giving, 91% expect companies to fill that gap and showcase their commitment to the greater good (up from 86% in 2008). The study also reveals that cause can make strong business sense for brands by increasing trial, loyalty, sales, and even higher prices at the cash register. For the full survey, visit

Of those consumers surveyed, 74% say they purchased a brand because it supported a cause, 75% would try a brand they normally wouldn’t because it supported a cause, and 64% would pay more for a brand because it supports a cause that is important to them (up from 61%, 64% and 52%, respectively, in 2008).

Corporate leaders have responded: 58% now engage in cause marketing. Of those, 61% plan to continue to the same level of commitment to causes in spite of the recession. Furthermore, 97% believe cause is a valid business strategy.

Corporate leaders are also showcasing their efforts as never before, with 82% actively promoting their causes. The promotional efforts can be seen on-package, in advertising and in earned media such as public relations – a direct reaction to consumers’ increasing demand for transparency.


2 comments on “Consumers expect brands to support causes

  1. As we slowly come out of the recession I think these decisions will become even more intensified. A recent Time poll found similar trends with consumers choosing brands that contribute to sustainability over brands that don’t. Being a good corporate citizen will play an enhance role in future. I think it’s important though that corporate’s don’t just engage in csr because they feel they have to…but engage so that they actively contribute to a more prosperous society.

  2. Hi! I found this article via Seven Bar Foundation. This is a very encouraging study. More and more consumers are raising the bar when it comes to leveraging the power of their checkbook. The writing’s on the wall. Businesses! Reinvent yourselves and keep up with the changing times!

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